Who we are

Youthonomics is the first AI-driven strategic advisory which enables decision-makers to shape the GIG economy and understand the youth needs. We are seriously dedicated to helping Generations Y and Z on a global scale. 

Social media has enabled a massive step-change in the availability of data on youth and social attitudes. However, young people are increasingly skeptical of big data aggregators like Facebook and Google. They want to own their own information, and contribute actively to how they are understood.

Youthonomics offers that. We provide a genuine youth-centred business model to build our data and research. Participants are paid to be involved, and can see the data they are creating. This is a bottom-up, rather than top-down economy, and it will both reflect and define the way that society works over the next two decades. 

The aim of Youthonomics is to build on the society, and to act as a “connector” between generations. The Youthonomics 10+10 dinners will be a chance for ten executives aged 50 years plus to meet every two months ten under-30 entrepreneurs, artists, thinkers and leaders

Beyond the human experience, this new concept allows our clients to improve their corporate image among the youth global workforce. Assuming that if a company succeeds to retain young people, it becomes an attractive organization for everyone, the Youthonomics 10+10 dinners will enable employers to attract and retain the brightest talents.

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Our vision