The Youthonomics team has spent more than a year compiling data on 64 countries based on a wide range of indicators to assess how youth-friendly each country is. A nation's ranking is determined according to current conditions and whether the country is investing in its youth's future. Our goal is to give people the information they need to make better decisions - whether they should stay where they are or seek a more hopeful future elsewhere. Please fill in your details below and download the report. 

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10 million young people reached by the Youthonomics Global Index 2015.

50 000 young people decided to move based on our data.

500 articles and broadcast segments published (including Financial Times, Guardian, New York Times, Washington Post, CCTV, ZDF, Libération, Globo Televions and many more.

64 countries ranked by the index all around the world.

59 indicators measured across a wide range of issues that impact conditions in which youth grow.

20 governments advised.

20 sources from various institution, including OECD, IMF, World Bank WEF and others. 

Unprecedented intergenerational economic and social imbalances are reshaping the world and young people are bearing the brunt of them. These imbalances need to be addressed as a matter of urgency by corporations, cities and national governments. In an ageing world, young people are more than ever the key to any organisation’s sustained prosperity.


 The Youthonomics Global Index - The Washington Post

The Youthonomics Global Index - The Washington Post