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Youthonomics: Why China Ranks in Front of Italy, Greece, and Spain

Felix Marquardt

Is it surprising that China (31st) ranks just in front of Italy (32nd), Greece (36th) and Spain (37th) in the Youthonomics Global Index? Less so when we examine the 9 pillars that compose the Index.

To begin with, in many ways these countries are not as developed as their richer European counterparts. Then, and more intuitively, the crisis has hit these countries, and especially their youth, hard. Lastly, tomorrow looks a lot brighter for the Red Dragon’s heir.

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Sydney Morning Herald: Australia ranks highly now for Gen Y on global index - but future less bright

Felix Marquardt

Australia ranks sixth in the world for youth friendliness, according to a new global index that rates countries on how well people aged 15 to 29 can flourish and prosper there.

What if the greatest threat we faced was actually a clash of generations? 

The Youthonomics Global Index, compiled by Paris-based think tank Youthonomics, aims to help young people assess their current and future prospects – political, economic and social – around the world.

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WASHINGTON POST: The best (and worst) countries to live in if you’re under 25

Felix Marquardt

Three years ago, columnist Felix Marquardt published a series of provocative essays that urged young people to leave France because he said they had no future there. "There's no room for young people in France. And the only way to make politicians listen to them is by leaving the country," Marquardt said during a recent interview.

Among the challenges he listed: Young people in France face high unemployment, limited social mobility and a lack of access to top-tier higher education.

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Le Figaro: Top 20 des pays où il fait bon vivre pour les jeunes : la France avant-dernière

Felix Marquardt

Le cercle de réflexion français Youthonomics a établi le palmarès des pays pro-jeunes. La Norvège et la Suisse occupent les premières places du classement tandis que la France n’apparaît qu’au 19e rang.

Il avait déjà dit il y a trois ans «Barrez-vous» aux jeunes, dans une tribune du quotidien Libération qui avait fait grand bruit, il leur conseille même aujourd’hui où aller. Le turbulent Felix Marquardt, communicant de luxe repenti, polémiste et faiseur de buzz, est l’un des fondateurs du think thank français Youthonomix qui a dévoilé, le jeudi 8 octobre dernier le Global Index 2015, un tout nouveau classement des pays où il fait bon vivre lorsqu’on est jeune. L’ambition du cercle de réflexion: «replacer les jeunes au sommet de l’agenda global». Mauvaise nouvelle, la France ne fait pas partie du peloton de tête, loin de là: elle occupe la 19e place du palmarès global, tandis que la Norvège, la Suisse et l’Allemagne sont les bons élèves du classement.

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Forbes: The Best And Worst Countries To Be Young

Felix Marquardt

What if the defining clash of the 21st century is not between nations or religions but rather between generations? This is the question posed by Youthonomics, a new Paris based think tank dedicated to elevating the young. This query is perhaps extreme. However, in a paper introducing their initiative Youthonomics founders José Ramos-Horta and Felix Marquardt raise a number of pressing questions about young people’s economic prospects.

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